General information

(Schedule has been updated on 2018-06-27)

The EETHPC workshop is scheduled Thursday, June 28th, afternoon. It is co-located with other workshops at ISC. To attend, you’ll need to register at ISC (if you haven’t already) and buy a workshop pass.

Time Speaker Affiliation Topic
02:00 PM Robert Schöne TU Dresden Introduction: An Overview on Power Management and Monitoring
02:30 PM Roxana Rusitoru ARM Power Saving and Monitoring Features on Hardware Level
03:00 PM Rafael Wysocki Intel OTC Linux Power Management Interfaces
03:30 PM Alejandro Sanchez SchedMD Slurm’s Power Management Capabilities
04:00 PM Coffee break
04:30 PM Antonio Libri MULTITHERMAN Out-of-band High-Resolution HPC Power and Performance Monitoring Support for Big-Data Analysis
04:50 PM Cristina Silvano ANTAREX ANTAREX – Autotuning and Adaptivity for Energy Efficient HPC
05:10 PM Andreas Gocht READEX READEX – Tools for Automatized Power Saving in HPC
05:30 PM Discussion
06:00 PM Closing


On Thursday, June 28, 2018, we will present the workshop on Energy Efficiency Tools for HPC (EETHPC). This workshop is a collaboration between the READEX project, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and the ANTAREX project.

Until the workshop, we will inform you on this website, about the programme, the speakers, and other questions that might arise.